About the Wivenhoe Forum

Wivenhoe Forum

The Wivenhoe Forum is an online message board that was launched in January 2011 to help promote the town of Wivenhoe in North Essex. We have no connection with Wivenhoe in Australia, apart from sharing the same wonderful name.

Below is the closest the Wivenhoe Forum will probably ever come to a Frequently Asked Questions list.

A user has posted a message that I disagree with. What can I do?

Well... Resist the temptation to fire off a quick, angry response. The Wivenhoe Forum is not a place to troll other locals within our community. Put the kettle, have a think (Wivenhoe folk tend to be rather good at thinking) and then post a reasoned reply, stating why you are right. But hopefully it won't come to that. This is a place for sharing and co-operation.

If a post is so blatantly antagonistic that it requires moderation, then please contact the moderator team by sending them a PM.

Ah yes - about moderation...

Is the Wivenhoe Forum moderated?

The Wivenhoe Forum is moderated by the volunteer team of a @Marika, @Glyn and @Patsy. @Jason is the Publisher, but is not involved in the moderation process.

If you think that a post needs moderating then please contact a member of the moderation team by sending a PM to the Moderator account.

You will receive a formal warning via a PM from the Moderator on the first and second time that you are moderated. Please consider the second warning to be a final warning. If any of your behaviour on the Wivenhoe Forum still requires moderation, your account will banned, your IP address will be blocked and all content will be deleted.

The Wivenhoe Forum is currently operating under post-moderation. This basically means that all posts appear live, without any prior moderation. This is the way it should remain. Any posts that have been edited will be flagged as so by the moderation team.

The whole point of sharing information online is the ease of instant communication. Let's keep it this way, without any need for a queue of pre-moderated posts. This isn't a place for local gossip. Plenty of gossip take place around the town, but it's probably best left for an informal pub conversation. Instead we welcome news, information and updates that aren't of a personal nature...

IMPORTANT: Please take some time to read our comprehensive Terms of Use.

Why do I need to register to post on the Wivenhoe Forum?

Precisely for the reasons above. Guest users tend to bring out the immature nature that the internet is capable of breeding. Plus we want to build a genuine community of local Wivenhoe users who will be recognisable, if not offline, then certainly online. Guests can read posts, but you will need to register to participate in the community.

What details are you getting out of me when I register?

Not a lot. An email address and an IP address, and that's basically it. You can choose to hide your email address to other users when you sign up, and we will never use this address, other than to contact you if a problem arises. The IP address is simply a security measure that identifies which computer a posting has been made from.

Do you want me to register with my real name?

That is purely up to you. With such a wide skills base within Wivenhoe, we believe that a real name will only help to build trust and growth within the Wivenhoe Forum. It is entirely fine to have a separate online identity, although please don't hide behind this to make mischief.

What is the Wivenhoe Traders board for then?

We appreciate the benefits of a local economy, and would encourage any local traders to post details of their services here. If you are a local trader then please do feel free to promote your business. If excessive and repeated posts start to appear, then the moderation team will take the view that this is spamming. You won't receive a formal warning for this, but the post will be deleted..

We would welcome feedback and comment from customers as well. Being business, then some of this may not be positive. There is obviously a fine line between honest criticism of a service, and blatant slagging off. The latter we won't allow - we should be supporting local Wivenhoe traders where possible.

Abusing a local business will also carry the same moderation process as abusing another user. Please don't post up claims that Business X gave you poisoning unless you are able to to also publish precise medical evidence to back up your claim. Criticism of customer service works pretty much in the same way online as offline. If you RANT and SHOUT then you probably won't receive a very sympathetic ear. Making a constructive suggestion however doesn't make you sound like a silly so and so. Perhaps the best way to settle your local grievances though is to speak to the local business face to face. We won't hesitate to moderate any posts that we feel unfairly criticise a local business.

Your category of boards doesn't cover the full scope of Wivenhoe life.

Yes, we would probably agree. If there is a really pressing category that you feel needs to be added, please do let us know.

What software is used to run the Wivenhoe Forum?

The main functionality has been supplied by Vanilla, a new OS software for online community management. The hosting is provided by the brilliant 4uhosting. Should you have any further questions or require some help regarding the tech side of the Forum, we would be very happy to help out.

I think that the Wivenhoe Forum needs some pretty pictures of kittens, wall to wall youtube, Facebook and twitter integration etc.

Not here my friend, I'm afraid. This is first and foremost a place for dialogue and conversation. The Vanilla OS is still growing, and there isn't a great deal more to add to the mix right now.

How can I support the Wivenhoe Forum?

Simply by using it. Please start conversations, no matter how trivial. Please do carry on this conversation around the town as well. We aren't advertising (behave!) so any promotion would be welcome. Tell folk in the pub, at work or at home. Let's see where this takes us...

Who is this mysterious 'we' that you speak of?

The Wivenhoe Forum is published by Jason Cobb. I want to promote an online presence for Wivenhoe that will help local people make the most of this wonderful place in which we all live. I am helped out by the volunteer moderation team of @Marika, @Glyn and @Patsy. I am not personally involved in the moderation process.

I have a question that hasn't been answered. What are you going to do about it?

Email the Wivenhoe Forum via jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk and we will be very happy to try and help.

Now then: please go and start a conversation...