Scout & Guide Funding Application
  • The Wivenhoe Scout and Guide Association is applying to the Lloyds Bank Community Fund for a £5,000 grant. If successful, the money will be used to:

    "Help pay for improvements to our Hall - new lighting, better heating, better toilets, and definitely a better kitchen. These improvements will be appreciated by the 170 young people who are members of the Wivenhoe Scout & Guide Association, the 30 or so leaders who run the 10 units, and the members of the 12 other voluntary groups that hire out our Hall each week."

    You can vote for the application over here.
  • Thanks Jason for starting this thread. To win a grant of £5,000 from Lloyds Bankingv Group Community Fund we must get more votes than the other three groups in the Ipswich area who are also competing for this money. The question is, will you vote for us and NOW. We are looking to raise at least £20,000 for improvements to the Hall. We have already put £6,000 towards this sum. The Hall is well used. It is fully booked each weekday, evening and weekend as well as being used by the 10 Scout & Guide groups comprising 200 youngsters and Leaders plus the 12 community groups which also use the Hall. Your vote could make a difference. Please encourage others you know to do the same. Click on the link below to go to the web page and register your vote. Thank you. Peter Hill. Chairman.

  • Bumping this to the top together with another notice:

    1st Wivenhoe Guides are holding a fund raising Fun Family Quiz night on Saturday 23 June, at 7pm at the Scout and Guide Hall.

    More details in the attached flyer.
    Quiz Flyer.pdf
  • 'Bump' Quiz tonight at the  Flag.  Teams of up to 6 people,£1.50 per person.  Raffle.   All proceeds to the Wivenhoe Scout and Guide Association. 8p.m. start.
  • Voted. Hope you are successful. Good Luck :)
  • I believe this needs a "bump"
  • Thank you everyone who has voted for us already. We stand a good chance of getting a £5,000 grant from the Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund if we can more votes than the three other youth groups in the Ipswich area. At the end of July, we had 918 votes representing 31% of all votes cast.

    To vote just click on the following . It is very simple, just a couple of clicks. Or you can vote via SMS by texting VOTE IP2 to 61119.

    We are trying to raise £27,000 to make improvements to our Hall - new kitchen, toilets, equipment storage.

    Last date for votes is 9th September. Thank you for your help.  Peter Hill  

  • Dont forget to vote folks...
  • Latest news is that we have 1017 votes representing 29% of the total vote. That puts us in 2nd place. Voting ends on Sunday 9th September at midnight. So bit more time to make the final push and secure 2nd place at least. Top two orgs each get a £5,000 grant. To vote click here: or by SMS by texting ‘Vote IP2’ to 61119. Thank you very much for your support and help. Peter Hill
  • I've copied Peter's message and send it by email to a number of friends. Let's try and make Wivenhoe stay at the top!
  • Thank you Marika. Great  if others could do the same. We are looking to raise £27,000 towards internal improvements to our Hall. It is used pretty much every morning, afternoon and evening seven days a week by 12 organisations and not just the 200 Scouts and Guides in our local Association.
  • Our votes are in!
  • These type of things can sometimes be quite time consuming and require registration, but voting for this is literally typing in your name and email address and pressing send. I have no connection to scouts or guides but use the building on Tuesdays when playgroup is on- it would be really great if the money was available for updating the facilities... If anyone has been meaning to do this and not got around to it yet then please vote!
  • The only problem I had with this one was reading the anti-spam code words you needed to enter. I understand that they're needed, but I bet they deter a lot of genuine people from completing online forms.
  • I agree Adrian: often they're impossible to read, and you give up in disgust. How useful is that?
  • Have put this on my facebook page and also the Wivenhoe one that has generated some votes :D
  • I was also concerned about agreeing to pop ups. Managed to vote though having got the code words wrong twice.
  • "Bump"......Times running out to get those votes in....
  • Thanks everyone who has voted for us. In the last week we have gained another 169 votes taking our total to 1,186 votes, representing 31.26% of the total votes and putting us in second place. The good news is that it is the top two organisations which will both receive a grant of £5,000. So, fingers crossed, the deadline is midnight on Sunday 9th September.
  • Brilliant!
    But a few more votes wouldn't hurt then- just to make sure...
  • I've voted.
    Have you ??
  • Also posted this on my facebook last weekend and got a few of the 2nd Wivenhoe Guides alumni to vote!
  • What was the result in the end?
  • So...

    I'll ask when my son goes to Beavers tonight!
  • The beaver leader didn't know either.

    Peter, please tell us, its the least you could do after everyone trying top generate some votes :)
  • It says on the website where you vote that winning organisation will be notified by 31st october and that the winners will be publically announced then too. Maybe the scouts and guides organisation are not supposed to say until after Lloyds do the big reveal.
  • Maybe so, but they knew the votes until the end so would have a idea.
  • Some news in the Wiv Soc newsletter in Jason's blog...

    Something which can – and has – been achieved online however is the bid by Wivenhoe Scout and Guides to win a £5,000 grant from the Lloyds Baking Community Fund. Online voting has now closed, but a concerted campaign from many around the town is looking encouraging.
  • There's an embargo in place from Llyods ;)
  • Huurah!

    £5k of funding now announced :)
  • Well, if that doesn't show the community good of the Forum I don't know what would.
    I know, of course there would have been support from elsewhere but - 700 potential voters made available through here cannot have been bad ...... :)
  • Absolutely fantastic.......although Toad Hall......I don't think so!!!!!  I know that Bonnie and Peter are very much into the Scout and Guide movement in Wivenhoe.....but I doubt if they would appreciate work being done on their home to house the youngsters!  Well done to all concerned.
  • Fantastic news
  • Great news! Thanks for letting us know :D

    Glad all the hard work was worth it!
  • Really pleased.
    Thank you everybody who voted for our Hall Improvement Project in the Lloyds Banking Group Community Fund competition. I am pleased to say we got enough votes to win us a grant of £5,000.  So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who voted. This represents a big boost towards the £27,000 we are aiming to raise. We plan to:
    -  provide better storage for our 11 Scouting & Guiding units-  create a new, much larger cafe-style kitchen-  re-arrange the entrance lobby and toilets, and add a shower and toilet for the disabled-  install safer lighting and improved low-energy heating.In addition to the 200 youngsters who are members of the 11 units, the Hall is used each week by 12 other community groups from Mother and Toddler, to Karate Club on Saturday mornings. This means the Hall is extremely well used, seven days a week. A lot of people will benefit from this project. I am hoping we can achieve the funding we need to start work on it soon. We have applied for grants from other bodies and I am optimistic we will get the money we need to start work on the Project in the new year.
    Thanks once again. Peter
  • Thought you might be interested to know the final scoring. We achieved 1247 votes against the leaders, Sporting 87 Football Club, which scored 1270 votes, just 23 more than us. It makes no difference though as both organisations receive a grant of £5,000.  Sporting 87 are a Christian-based Football Club for teenagers and seniors based at Bury St Edmunds. They are trying to raise £100,000 for improvements to their Ground. So worthy winners too.
  • Peter, do you know the total number of competing groups?

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