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Tonights show (Thursday 24th February) features Cambridge Folk Festival and Edinburgh Fringe legend Peter Buckley Hill.

Wivenhoe Funny Farm comedy night presents "Freaky February" - a night of more off beat and quirky comedy. Expect stand-up plus sketches, singalongs and general chaos!

Headliner is Cambridge Folk Festival and Edinburgh Fringe legend Peter Buckley Hill
('A Titan' - The Scotsman
'legendary' - Time Out
'A wild-eyed, professorial figure, Buckley Hill is a fringe institution' - The Guardian)

Support from Charmian Hughes ('Charming ribaldry' The Guardian
'Obviously talented' The Telegraph)
Also Danny Hurst (""An ubercamp perveyor of an original brand of smut and entendre...bold and witty"-Chortle.co.uk)
plus sketches from Tim & Dave! (That's councillor Tim Young - please try not to heckle!!)
MC Hazel Humphreys

Pay on door £6.50 (£5 concessions) Doors open 7pm show starts 8pm

Wivenhoe Town Cricket Club Pavillion
Rectory Road

Please try to book seats in advance via www.wivenhoefunnyfarm.co.uk

All the best.

Hazel xxx



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    Here's March's line-up complete with Perrier Award winning Wil Hodgson - not to be missed!

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  • Looks ace - cheers Hazel. Love the pic upload as well :)
  • It's so cool that it works! Nice one Jason :-)
  • I've known Peter BH for 25 years, what a shameI missed him. Only moved to this part of the world on 17 Feb.
  • Ah, welcome, Carolyn. I'm rather new to Wivenhoe as well. We're getting quite a decent mix of very knowledgeable folk, and newcomers around here. Cheers for joining :)
  • Hiya Carolyn. PBH headlined the spoken word tent at Wivenhoe May Fair when I ran it in 2009, and he seemed to really enjoy the Funny Farm gig too so I'm sure he'll be back in Wiv at some point.

    If you enjoy a bit of comedy then the Funny Farm is an ace night out and I can book a table for you either via the website www.wivenhoefunnyfarm.co.uk or if you email funnyfarmwiv@hotmail.com

    Welcome to Wivenhoe!

    Hazel x
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    Just a reminder that the Funny Farm is on this Thursday with headliner Wil Hodgson. Looking forward to it. To book seats go to www.wivenhoefunnyfarm.co.uk Have had a lot of bookings for this, but still should be seats left, but it is wisest to book.

    Hazel x

  • Beat me to the bump!

    Good luck...
  • Neil Mcfarlane has a new fan...!
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    Isn't he scrummie? (I shouldn't say that :-) )

    Here's April's poster. Book early like Marika to avoid disappointment!

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    Next Funny Farm on Thursday 26th May features the best new local talent joking it out for Colchester New Comedian of the Year - plus support from naughty Australian comic Pam Ford and a headline set from the excellent Scott Capurro.

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  • Still got a few seats left - so best to book to avoid them being taken. Scott Capurro's normally playing theatres and art centres (as well as appearing in films like Mrs Doubtfire and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) - so it's quite a coup for him to come back to the Funny Farm. :-)
  • And as part of Colchester New Comedian of the Year this will be featuring local act Chris Singleton, familiar to some who visit The Greyhound - as well as a bevy of new comics from Colchester - competing for the trophy before the pro acts come on. We've been running this new act competition since 2008 (started out as New Essex New Comedian of the Year, but that was too much of a mouthful) and the finalists never fail to go on to better things.

  • Hazel, I tried to respond to your message in the Keeper of the Panto's Wardrobe thread but the system hangs each time I click the Post Comment button - it was clean, honest...!

    In the end I sent you a private message!
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    Have responded & will see what can be done. If there's nothing in store I know someone who makes such garments. Hazel x

    p.s. back on topic - congratulations to the winner of this year's Colchester New Comedian of the Year - David Traynier. You can see him getting his Spinal Tap sized trophy (oops!) here.

    Next show at the Funny Farm is 30th June - featuring two Edinburgh preview shows - one from Juliet Meyers, one from Liam Mullone - plus support from David Hannant and er me MCing. Full details on the website and I'll pop the poster up soon. Hazel x

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  • Hurrah - I note that the date also appears one week later in the month, compared to the previous schedule? This frees me up :)
  • Hurray for the calendar! :-)

    We've always mainly been the last Thursday of the month - since 2005 - although July's will be a week earlier due to Cricket Club's shindiggery (which means I can relax and enjoy the WTCC fun)
  • We still have a few seats left for Thursday - which can be booked via www.wivenhoefunnyfarm.co.uk
  • p.s Jason - Juliet's not keen on her set being recorded due to a recent issue with her material being distributed without her knowing - but she's very happy to do an interview with you for Radio Wivenhoe during an interval. The other acts are fine with bits of their sets being used (obviously with them credited which I know goes without saying). See you Thursday! Hazel x
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    All fine, thanks for clarifying :)
  • A great night up at Rectory Road. Two very polished Edinburgh performances, and a half-decent host ;)

    Recording have been made for Radio Wivenhoe. Bloggage over here.

    1.jpg 74.1K
  • Jason - I love this picture of the mic - can I borrow it (with credit & blog link) on the Funny Farm website.... it almost makes us look professional - apart from my dodgy applique lettering :-)
  • Please lift it. No credits or whatever required. I am happy for all of my online content to be used for whatever purpose by LOCAL folk.

    It would have looked far better with a comedian in front of the mic...
  • Shame they took so long to turn up! ;-)
  • I thought the dodgy lettering was done ironically.  Suits the ethos perfectly. ;)
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    Have approved Jason's recording from last Funny Farm (whilst slightly cutting my inane "Where are the comedians?" waffling. Hopefully they won't be too rude for public consumption :-)
  • What I like about this thread is that it offers a geeky online completists collections of Wivenhoe Funny Farm posters. Collector's items, I tell ya.
  • I'm going to try to go all artistic next time - get the acts to send photos of themselves doing the can-can or holding babies... :-)
  • Still got some seats spare - bookings can be made via www.wivenhoefunnyfarm.co.uk

    p.s. Jason - did you or Radio Wiv ever use those recordings from last Funny Farm I edited & ok'd?


    Hazel x
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