Train Fare Differences
  • A rare day when I commuted in to London with Anna. My train journey ended at Liverpool Street, whilst Anna was heading out west to Brentford. My Standard Off Peak Day Return came to £31.90, whilst Anna's SOPDR clocked in 80p cheaper at £31.10, despite her journey then involving mainline and tube journeys out west.

    We asked at Wivnehoe station about the difference and was told that the prices were correct. We were also told that it would be fine for me to buy a Brentford ticket each day, end the journey at LS and then save a little extra money.

    So here is the Forum challenge: can we collectively try and come up with the cheapest way of travelling to LS, with a ticket bought for some outpost of West London or elsewhere?
  • I don't know whether this falls within your competition rules Jason, but.......I posted this previously on another thread. Hope it was, and is still, accurate as I'm using it tomorrow!:-

    I was pleased to find that if you
    can wait until the 11:23 to Liv St. and are coming back after 7pm, (and
    you have a railcard) then a super saver Day Travelcard to London is
    £19.  This applies to any train arriving in London after 12 midday, as
    long as you return after 7pm. I think this super saver only applied at
    weekends before, but now it is a weekday thing too,
  • Is this what they mean when they say privatisation encourages competition and consumer choice?

  • Buy a day return to Chelmsford and a day return from Chelmsford to Liverpool street, make sure the train stops at Chelmsford and save money!


  • Additional info about the SuperSaver Roger mentioned. You have to go to the ticket office - it is not on the machine outside. Thanks to our ever helfpul station staff for letting us in on the secret!
  • Greater Anglia are now rolling out Advance Saver tickets from Clacton Line to Liverpool Street - can be seen in December if suits your travel times - £8 each way and railcard discounts available - Thats £5.60 each way.

    As for Jason's travel oddities - "travelling short" can technically be a breach of conditions - but who would know?

    And to add one - about 8 or 9 years ago when renewing my 1st Annual Goldcard from Wivenhoe to London , I discovered that the same ticket was £80 cheaper from Alresford than Wivenhoe - no real sense but that was what the fare manual said , so guess where my ticket ran from.....

  • The Advanced Saver tickets scheme is yet more evidence of the little changes Abellio have made since taking over. Though I'm not a fan of having a fragmented, privatised railway. They've probably been the company we've had so far. There are tonnes of these fares inconsistencies. Mainly the fault of the DfT, they sign-off the fares manuals.

  • The Advanced Saver tickets scheme a tax on spontaneity   :-)

  • We can't have people jumping onto trains just because they suddenly decide that they want to travel, can we.

    That sort of behaviour must be discouraged. After all, everything else we do in life is planned well in advance. Why should public transport be any different?

  • I want to know why I can't switch rail companies mid journey. Switching has worked miracles in keeping gas and electricity prices down, so should be applied to the railways forthwith!

  • I don't know if this will help regular commuters particularly, but Martin the Moneysaving Expert suggests one of two things: buy tickets twelve weeks in advance (as this is when they're released and the cheap ones are up for grabs) or book a chain of singles. Not what you'd call
    convenient, but still, it might work for thr occasional trip......
  • I have recently redone my info on London Day Return fares on the website, which deals with all this, but only in relation to buy-on-the-day tickets, and omitting any options that most people would see as silly / causing too much delay! (One could spend many days studying the fares cd for ever more weird ways of saving not much..........).
  • And here's Peter's link.

    Gosh - quite a saving. So if you are traveling between Wivenhoe and LS on the 8:23, 9:23 or 10:23, you can buy an Off Peak Day Return to Enfield Town... and then end your journey at LS. The price is £24.60, compared to the Wivenhoe to LS fare of £31.90.
  • Does anyone know whether that £24.60 Enfield price is available via the machine? 
  • Yes the whole thing is written for people buying tickets from the machine. The staff at Wivenhoe are pretty hepful if you buy tickets at the BO (but such conversations won't necessarily bring out ALL the options you can adopt). Incidentally the Enfield cock-up will get corrected some day (it's been there for a long while though).

  • Thanks PK.
  • Looking at National Rail website, it seems that you can. £25 vs £33 give or take a few pence.
  • Not valid on the 8.23, and you'd have to ask at the station if it's valid on the 8.34 easement train.
  • Best to check on the national rail website as that'll confirm.
  • It works on the 8.34 easement. Used it yesterday.
  • And don't worry if, like me, you are more of an Elementary than an Advanced saver - you can still buy the Advance Saver tickets!
  • Looked on GA website and the 8:34 doesn't work anymore. Still ok for the 9:23.
  • Hi, It isn't shown on the website. It's a local easement for Wivenhoe.
  • Hi, so I can use the "Enfield" off peak return on the 8:34?
  • The off peak tickets on the day of travel won't show up on the machine for the 0834. These can be bought at the ticket office, after the 0822 train has departed.

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