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The Wivenhoe Society has organised a talk by Annemarie Naylor on the Localism Act and the Right to Bid for an Asset of Community Value.  The Town Council has requested that the Phillip Road Centre be placed on the list of assets of community value which is the first step.  If the County decides to pull out entirely from the Centre then the community will have an opportunity to put together a bid.  Annemarie works for Locality which helps groups to set up structures to jump through the various hoops to enable them to put in bids and she is informed about possible grants.  The talk will take place on January 10 at 7,30 at the Nottage but we have not yet thought of a snappy title.


  • Am I right in assuming this meeting is open to all ie not Wiv Soc members only?
  • That's right to WivSoc members, £2each to non=members.
  • A bump - taking place at The Nottage this evening, 7:30pm start.
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    Cllr Needham announced at The Nottage that WTC is holding an open meeting for anyone interested in Right to Bid at 11am on 30th January in the Town Council office. It is hoped that WTC can help to co-ordinate any Right to Bid or Asset Transfer projects in the town.

    Right to Bid should be rubber stamped by CBC Cabinet on 23rd January. In theory ANYONE can apply to put an asset on the list the following day.

    For those asking at the meeting about The Place Station site that we've been working on at Locality, here's the link. We're also very active on twitter helping to promote and support Right to Bid.

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    Here's what been happening with The Ivy House in Southwark - the first pub to be listed as an asset of community value, with potential for Right to Bid as well.
  • I may be wrong Jason, but I do not think individuals can apply for an asset to be put on the list of assets of community value (Jan 11 posting).  It has to be a parish council or local voluntary or community group. I think, again I may be wrong, that 10 people are required to make a group.  Individuals can asked for properties to be put on the local list of heritage assets but that is a completely separate list and nothing to do with the right to buy. This latter list is a kind of poor relation of English Heritage's list.
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    The wording [PDF] is open to interpretation:

    "Unconstituted community groups of at least 21 members."

    Which can be viewed as 21 individuals who have formed an informal network. You needn't go through a Parish or Town Council, or a Community Interest Company to apply to have an asset listed on the local authority Right to Bid list.
  • A BUMP - there is an open meeting at WTC at 11am this morning for anyone wanting to help work on any Wivenhoe Right to Bid projects.
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    Documentation from CBC is now online for any group of residents wanting to submit an asset of community value to the Colchester Right to Bid list.
  • Arising from the meeting organised by WTC, which was attended by two officers who deal with the Right to Bid, from CBC, a new group has been established, called Wivenhoe Community Assets Forum. Peter Hill is chairing it.

    Work is now in progress under the auspices of tWCAF to nominate the Philip Road School and the St John Ambulance Hall to CBC. Full publicity about WCAF and how to get involved should follow soon.
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    A little more on the Wivenhoe Community Assets Forum, via QRRA.

    Plus an update of what's been happening with the Ivy House in Southwark, the first community listed asset in the country:

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    Since the Right to Bid legislation was introduced in September, Locality has been keeping track of the data for submissions and listings each month. The latest figures show that 304 assets of community value have been nominated to date. 252 of these have been successfully listed, 44 rejected and 8 are still under consideration. CBC hasn't received any applications so far.
  • The Philip Road nomination will be going in to CBC soon
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