A Wivenhoe Art Society?



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    "Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us as to the real reason...?"

    No, I don't - he's dead.
    I was only interested in asserting that it wasn't his art, as Maggi Hambling implied in her reported slur on the Arts Club.
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    Oh well, a mystery it shall remain then.
    I guess you'll just have to put up with the fact that rumour from the likes of MH will fill the void left by the facts.

  • Facts don't leave voids.
    MH spoke perhaps intemperately; it's just a pity it went into print and so allows repeated quotation - and consequent need for repeated refutation.
  • Something else to add into the mix here - Off the Rails is looking for a little extra help. My understanding is that the organisation is currently of a loose nature. It needs some help with forming structures, and putting a plan to move forward.

    It seems like there is some obvious crossover with the call to form an Arts Society...
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    Actually, any clarification on developments with Off the Rails? The picture we were painted, so to speak, at the WivSoc Committee meeting last night (bloggage to follow) is that some extra help is urgently needed.

    News now comes my way from the very decent user LeePugh10 of:

    "Network Rail have decided, after a short chat with Off the Rails, to restore the large thing (with a new hat on) next to the station and create a covered market - Wivenhoe's very own Covent Garden. That will be lovely and make things look much nicer."

    Which all sounds extremely encouraging, but not quite the Off the Rails plea for help we heard last night.

    Apologies for thread hijack...
  • Are we talking about the Engine Shed?
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    I have contacted Martha Haversham (Off the Rails) to see if she has any interest in a Wivenhoe Art Society - or if there are joint interests which need support.  Will let you know what she says.  (I have also given her a link to this discussion in case she is not already a member of Wivenhoe Forum).
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    I am attempting to make a list of various art groups currently in Wivenhoe - can anyone add to this list please?

    Wivenhoe Gallery, Wivenhoe Book Shop - Over the Sofa, Jardine's coffee shop art, Art on the Railings, Open Studios, Off The Rails, the Photography Group.

    I am considering asking individuals and groups, interested in forming a Wivenhoe Art Society, to come along to an informal meeting to try to get something off the ground. Perhaps we should meet in a local pub "for old times sake"?  
  • Daisy - I had this very same discussion with the good Lee Pugh earlier -we are totally unsure as to which building is being mentioned in relation to Covent Garden comes to Wivenhoe, or whatever.

    I wouldn't have thought that it is the Engine Shed - this seems beyond repair. The Station Master's House is being explored by TTW (although the first floor roof has apparently fallen in recently - bloggage coming up...) Which doesn't leave much else.

    Well done for taking the initiative in actively trying to co-ordinate this. Words of support were spoken about the project by Mr Mayor at the WivSoc committee meeting last night ;)
  • Daisie, did you have any thoughts about premises for an Arts Soc? Perhaps a bit premature to ask but with the police houses being vacant, this might be the time to consider the possibilities.

    I'm thinking of mr. Mayor's reported ambitions for the place; any interest from an Arts Soc in a tenancy might access funding in addition to what would otherwise be available and make its acquisition by WTC easier. Just a thought...
  • Your right that I hadn't thought that far ahead yet - premises would be a great idea!  I am on a steep learning curve at present and know very little of local politics etc so I am grateful for any information.  I did contact Brian Sinclair early in April to ask to discuss an art society but he said his term of office was nearly over and he wasn't sure how he could help.  I outlined some of my ideas but have not had an answer to my last email 2 weeks ago. I guess I should contact the new mayor when s/he takes over - any idea who this will be and when it will happen?
  • Councillor Robert Needham is expected to be the new Mayor, formally taking over after the Annual Town Meeting on the 11th May.

    I think...
  • As far as I am aware, the  date for the mayoral handover is 16th May.
  • This all sounds so exciting! Thanks for doing all this work Daisy,and I was wondering if there's anything I can do? I'm definately interested in participating in anything/everything, hopefully it'll be as fun as Marika says the old society was...
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    Thanks SallyC - I plan to make a list (always a good start) of all possible interested parties and then to bring as many of them together for an informal discussion.  I have a list of local artists from the web pages www.wivenhoe.gov.uk/Arts/arts-home.htm but if you know of anyone else who would like to be involved, please do let me have their contact details.  I will of course invite the new mayor too.
  • Very excited to tell you all that my plans for a U3A art group are one step nearer.  I have provisionally booked a room at the William Loveless Hall for 6 weeks starting in September and already I have a couple of amateur artists interested in joining! Anyone else care to join? 
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    Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if a exhibition of the original artists of the Wivenhoe Arts Club was organised, and then that could give rise to a new Arts Club.
  • What a great suggestion, jdh. This would provide a link from the past into the future, and hopefully rekindle many old stories that would be great to try and capture and document.
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    Yes please Daisy! What would be the requirements? I'm a lapsed art student who has finally, after 20 years, got some room to start doing some again! I'd really like to have other people around just to talk about stuff with, so I'm hoping there won't be any showing of work to join.... Thanks for getting this going, by the way. That there seemed to be an abundance of arty type things going on in Wivenhoe, amateur or otherwise, was one of appeals of the place, so I was sorry to find out the old society had been disbanded, however many famous artists they famously threw out. Is there any thing other than turning up I can do to help?
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    Hi there,

    I had a quick flit through past posts, if you do decide to have a group please let me know I would be interested in getting involved...


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    Everyone interested in this exciting idea is invited to an informal get-together on 8th June 7.30 in the Rose and Crown. Looking forward to meeting you all and discussing this further!
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    Oops - sorry the time in that last message should read 7pm...
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    I would suggest that firstly a venue should be investigated then the mammoth task of contacting either the artists or close relatives to acquire on loan works for the show. One name that comes to mind for help is a guy called Dusty Miller, he is one guy who could give a true picture of the period. Outside of that getting works from the artists ,these are a few of the names I remember: Michael Heard, John Dan, Roy Cross, Gail Cross, Tony Young, Sally Young, Pam Da , Sue Winter, Dickie and Dennis Worth Miler. The History includes London, Cornwall and Wivenhoe.
  • Mammoth task indeed... Pam Dan is actually your best bet if you want to locate the various works of art and/or relatives.
  • Dusty's memory is not so good nowadays but I was also a founder member and  we have work of Roy Cross/Gail Cross/Mike Herd/Tony Young/John Dan/Pam Dan and other paintings bought at exhibitions at Wivenhoe Art Club. We held a retrospective for Roy/Gail and Mike about 15 years ago.
    I shall come to the meeting - if I remember!!
    Fenella Miller
  • Michael Heard, John Dan, Roy Cross, Gail Cross, Tony Young, Sally Young, Pam Dan , Sue Winter, Dickie and Dennis Worth Miler.  
    Thank you for all these names - I distantly remember meeting some of these artists and indeed fainting at a meal in Pam and John Dan's house in the High Street sometime in the 70's.  Perhaps it is time for another retrospective to celebrate the past and maybe also to look to the future.
    Hope you can remember the meeting Fenella - June 8th, Rose and Crown 7pm.  I will post another reminder nearer the time.
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    Hi! I'm moving to the area in October and would be interested in both U3A Art Group (would this be for beginners?) and an art society. Unfortunately I can't make the meeting on 8th June.

    Please let me know of any developments.


  • Jennie - I will send you (and anyone else interested) further details of the U3A Art Group.  Shame you won't be there on the 8th though.
  • A reminder for anyone interested in this subject - please do come along to the Rose and Crown tomorrow night (Wednesday 8th) at 7pm for an informal discussion.
  • Added to the diary as well.

    Good luck with this.
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