A Wivenhoe Art Society?
  • Everyone interested in this exciting idea is invited to an informal get-together on 8th June 7.30 in the Rose and Crown. Looking forward to meeting you all and discussing this further!
  • Oops - sorry the time in that last message should read 7pm...
  • I would suggest that firstly a venue should be investigated then the mammoth task of contacting either the artists or close relatives to acquire on loan works for the show. One name that comes to mind for help is a guy called Dusty Miller, he is one guy who could give a true picture of the period. Outside of that getting works from the artists ,these are a few of the names I remember: Michael Heard, John Dan, Roy Cross, Gail Cross, Tony Young, Sally Young, Pam Da , Sue Winter, Dickie and Dennis Worth Miler. The History includes London, Cornwall and Wivenhoe.
  • Mammoth task indeed... Pam Dan is actually your best bet if you want to locate the various works of art and/or relatives.
  • Dusty's memory is not so good nowadays but I was also a founder member and  we have work of Roy Cross/Gail Cross/Mike Herd/Tony Young/John Dan/Pam Dan and other paintings bought at exhibitions at Wivenhoe Art Club. We held a retrospective for Roy/Gail and Mike about 15 years ago.
    I shall come to the meeting - if I remember!!
    Fenella Miller
  • Michael Heard, John Dan, Roy Cross, Gail Cross, Tony Young, Sally Young, Pam Dan , Sue Winter, Dickie and Dennis Worth Miler.  Thank you for all these names - I distantly remember meeting some of these artists and indeed fainting at a meal in Pam and John Dan's house in the High Street sometime in the 70's.  Perhaps it is time for another retrospective to celebrate the past and maybe also to look to the future.Hope you can remember the meeting Fenella - June 8th, Rose and Crown 7pm.  I will post another reminder nearer the time.
  • Hi! I'm moving to the area in October and would be interested in both U3A Art Group (would this be for beginners?) and an art society. Unfortunately I can't make the meeting on 8th June.

    Please let me know of any developments.


  • Jennie - I will send you (and anyone else interested) further details of the U3A Art Group.  Shame you won't be there on the 8th though.
  • A reminder for anyone interested in this subject - please do come along to the Rose and Crown tomorrow night (Wednesday 8th) at 7pm for an informal discussion.
  • Added to the diary as well.

    Good luck with this.
  • Hi Daisy,

    I don't think I will be able to make it tomorrow because of work, will you be at the radio meeting tonight?
  • Hi Linz
    I wasn't planning to - but if I can squeeze it in between other commitments I will try.  I have a fairly obsessional interest in art and northing else much at present - I should try and get out more!  Be nice to meet anyway - if I do, I am short and blonde with purple glasses - hard to miss unless you are tall and short sighted :) Daisy
  • I was a member of the Wivenhoe Arts Club, 1969-71. My wife, Lois Fisher, did the bookings for the art exhibitions during that period. I remember the artists of that era very well and have numerous works by them in my personal collection. Alas, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, so I cannot participate in anything other than a discussion. I would, however, be willing to supply information about those times if anyone is collecting it. I have photographs, newspaper clippings, as well. Regards to Dusty and Fen, if they should read this post.
  • Hi Doug fancy you popping up here, just when interest in the old Arts Club is stirring.
    I've PM'd you.

    Lewis Footring
  • Having been unable to upload before, I thought I'd have another try now that Jason has fixed things.
    This image was drawn by Tony Young for the 10th anniversary of the Arts Club.

    arts club night watch.JPG
    800 x 590 - 136K
  • Well - it's all or nothing innit: two pictures at once :D

    edited to add: but I managed to get it right after the initial panic
  • Wonderful! Thanks for sharing - keep 'em coming...
  • Daisy, I just read the latest on your plans. I think a relaxed art group would be great. I would join that. Be careful not to be rushed into formalities. Go easy, Jason!
  • Hi All,

    Just wondering where we are on the Arts Group front? If we have managed to form one - i would happily join!

  • Hi everyone - just back from holiday and in the throes of moving house but enough excuses and apologies for not having made a report on the Rose and Crown meeting - will do this soon.  I can say now that the discussion gave me many ideas and I am sure we can pull something together in the near future.

    Meanwhile I am happy to say that the U3A art group is now full and starts in September.  Hoping to follow this up with other small amateur art group meetings once I have time after we move and then to continue to campaign for a Wivenhoe Art Group/Society to help to promote and represent all the various art interests in the town. Thanks for all your support - it has given me hope that it is not just a pipe dream idea.

    Love the Tony Young drawing - who are all the people?  Does anyone know? D
  • Front row l to r:
    Kevin O'Malley, Brian Stapleton, John Motteram (seated), Jack Cross, George Gale, Roy Cross (kneeling)

    Second row r to l:
    Lewis Footring, Michael Heard, John Dan, Louis Claiborne, David Clarke, Billy Gillespie, John Holden

    Back row l to r:
    Chris Last, Bob Richardson, Hugh Bostock, David Dignum, William Dean, John Guest, Tony Rhodes, Derek Hawkins

    Head on pikes (expelled members) l to r
    Ted Gittens, Dennis Wirth-Miller
    Far Right over the back: Tony Young
  • Wivenhoe News editor recently asked me to write a couple of paragraphs about the Wivenhoe Art Society idea so this is what I did:-

    Interest is growing in the idea of Wivenhoe, once again, having its own Art Society or Club.  Discussion on this was initiated by Daisy Giddings on the Wivenhoe Forum site and can be followed at: wivenhoeforum.co.uk.  A society or club for wivenhoe artists could provide a forum for discussion, support and sharing information and ideas and help to bring recognition of the local arts to the surrounding community.  It could promote the arts through eduction, networking and moral support and more importantly, perhaps, it could also provide a focus for making friends with common interests as well as (hopefully) eventually providing an additional exhibition space for local artists.  

    Several of those already interested in this idea met at the Rose and Crown on the 8th of June to discuss various ways in which this idea could turn from a dream to a reality.  The next stage will be to set up a interested working group to put these into motion.  If you with to join this group contact daisygiddings@googlemail.com.
  • Just for info - St Mary's Church is organising an exhibition open to artists wishing to sell their work.  This is Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September.  If anyone needs any more details - do let me know.  I'm not sure whether it is "correct" to post other people's contact details on this list or not...
  • I personally tend to hold back with phone numbers, but email addresses are less intrusive. Good luck with all on the Arts front - great initiative.
  • OK Jason - the email address for the art exhibition is john.heslop@btinternet.com.  Can the event go on the Wivenhoe Calendar?  thanks D
  • Sorry jason just checked and you are ahead of me there... D
  • Daisy-I'm still keen to meet others interested in a ' relaxed art group '. I'd love to know if there have been any developments.
  • Was thinking only this morning that this thread could do with a BUMP...
  • Margrit and Jason and all you other keen artists - I am happy to report that the U3A Wivenhoe Art Group has now met twice and has 14 members so far.  I am incredibly pleased by the response for this group - it is proving most enjoyable.  For those not lucky enough to be old enough to join U3A (and I'm not actually sure how old that would be!) I would still like to help to establish other groups interested in art, I am just not sure how best to do this.  

    If there were enough interested people from this forum, we could start with a small group in the Wyvern Room at William Loveless.  It only costs £6 per hour to hire.  I understand there is also the Scout Hut, the Nottage and the Cricket Club who hire out space too.  Maybe once a core group is established, then it could be advertised to others?  What do you think?
  • I am no artist (well...) but I'm happy to help to promote the group. Fourteen members is impressive in starting off a new initiative. Is the approach practical? Supportive? Social?

    All are good...
  • Personally so far I find the group artistically stimulating, informative, entertaining, amusing and supportive.  We have another 4 meetings booked together before Christmas and I expect that the group will continue into 2012.
  • Suggested locations for art groups to meet (apart from William Loveless) have been The Nottage, the Scout Hut, the Bookshop, the Cricket Club, and the Sailing Club.  I would be grateful for any contact details and/or reviews of these places - or indeed any others not listed here...
  • The Nottage : 01206 824142 nottage@rya-online.net


    The Bookshop 01206 824050 wiven.book@zetnet.co.uk

    Cricket Club

    Sailing Club 01206 822132

    All have their merits. The Nottage has a charming meeting room / library space. Very quiet, a sense of local history.

    The Bookshop has an intimate shed space at the back - it's actually a lot more comfortable than in sounds...

    The Cricket Club is a brilliant social space - with a bar.

    Likewise the Sailing Club which of course has spectacular views.

    Others? The football club are looking to make use of the clubhouse space. There's also the Congregational Hall.

  • Thanks Jason - what a wonderfully useful reply!
  • Also Wivenhoe Bowls Club (seriously it's a decent room and the people are friendly)

    Worth asking very nicely at the Tapas restaurant on the Corner or Jardine or The Bakehouse if they have free space at any time for use that doesn't clash with their hours - or The Greyhound for that matter (it's a pretty nice room).

    And hopefully the Old Chapel/ St John's Ambulance Hall will be available all in the near future. Got my fingers crossed.
  • Just to update everyone on the U3A Wivenhoe Art Group.  We have now had 6 meetings and 9 are booked in for the New Year and is it clear that there is great enthusiasm from the members for this group. William Loveless Hall has turned out to be a great location apart from the fact that it was a little chilly in the Main Hall this week. We have 12 members but there is always room for more if anyone is interested. We are currently investigating inviting professional artists to occasional meetings to give demonstrations. There is apparently no lower age limit for joining the U3A and therefore our group.
  • Daisy, is there a way you can see for this group to become involved in the Jubilee Jigsaw project? I have a feeling that people with drawing talent will be much in demand in the early stages.
  • I think that seems like a brilliant idea Marika - I will contact them and let you know what they think.
  • Are there any U3A artists that would like the opportunity to reach a wider audience? We are always looking to support local artists and writers, by giving them space to exhibit at Wivenhoe station.  More information can be found on our blog  http://offtherailswivenhoe.blogspot.com/ 

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