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Out of Hibernation

edited September 2013 in General Wivenhoe Talk
[A complaint has been made about the contents of this post. As it is unclear which specific words or parts are complained of, the post has been removed in its entirety by the Moderators]


  • Well put Jason, totally agree with the principles on which you have taken action. your forum, your rules. no arguments here. the benefits of this forum to wiv far outweigh the "sacrifices" of moderation..
  • Bravo Jason! Thank you for setting up and running the Forum and for persisting with integrity.
  • I agree with Sheila and Mike (who makes some very fair points). Will say no more on this.  
  • It's good to have the forum back Jason, thanks for that.

    I was one of those who objected to the posting regarding noise at the Greyhound. I apologise for any offence caused but I don't feel that any comments I saw crossed the line. I don't agree with bullying at all, what I saw was passionate and satirical, maybe I missed something though.

     In the interest of balance it whould also be remembered that a threat of legal action is not neccessarily meritous and is therefore not prima face evidence of wrong doing. For this reason I am concerned that someone has been banned without a right of reply.

    Wivenhoe is a unique community full of intelligent people who like a debate. I would hope this continues to be reflected on the forum. Maybe we need to be aware of how our comments will be taken in future, but posters also have to consider how they will feel if their opinion draws debtate that may debunk their beliefs before hitting the "Post Comment" button.

  • edited September 2013
    Hi & thanks for coming back with a new improved nice forum. 

    With regards the thread mentioned above - it was certainly not just one single person posting taking the "mickey" out of the lady near the Greyhound (unless sock puppets were involved - in which case they were really convincing!). Hopefully any such unpleasantness can be addressed quickly now given the new team on board, but surely it would be better to start off giving everyone involved a clean slate and opportunity to redeem themselves?

    *edit - otherwise by just singling out one person and blaming them just comes across as a bit well you know...
  • That is great Jason. Moderation spreads the responsibility for looking after the garden and doing the odd bit of weeding, it's not appropriate for one individual to have to do it. Really happy you have made this decision and brought this vital local facility back. Excellent mate!
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