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An unashamed second plug for John's blog.

Actually I'm going to pin this for a short while.

John is updating at a tremendous pace with some wonderful images of Wivenhoe history. The commentary offers up a great insight as well.

Well worth dropping in to an RSS feed.



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    I'm tempted to start a Fave Pic of the Day, such is the depth of John's blogging output.

    The 1906 Liberals would probably feature for today.

    If you want to see a high res image from the blog, just click on each pic.


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    Fave Pic of the Day (and not at all setting myself up to crib an image from John EVERY day - but I kinda like this...)

    "Wivenhoe Station, taken around the late '50s, early '60s. The sign on the Clacton platform reads Wivenhoe and Rowhedge, Junction for Brightlingsea."


  • I love this blog!
  • Thanks Definatelyme, and Jason.

    It's hard work sometimes, but it's all worthwhile when somebody appreciates the Blog.

  • "An old photograph of the Station Hotel taken circa 1899-1903."


  • "Wivenhoe High St, Early 1900's, the holly tree has long since gone. At the back of the picture can just be seen the old Boys School, now the library."


    Plus a strange Moon?

  • I love the blog too. Fantastic. I like the one that reminds us we live in an earthquake zone. I wonder when the next one is due - has there been any research on this?
  • Sorry about the strange moon, i think it must have been a drawing pin when i copied it.. You had to copy them with a camera and close up lenses before they invented the scanner,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    John Photoman.
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    "The Wivenhoe Flier, built 1909 in a large white shed on the marshes near the Station at Wivenhoe, it was powered by a single JAP engine. Due to the design of the floats it failed to take off and fly any distance."


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    "One of two CattleCarriers built at James W Cook Shipyard, Wivenhoe. The one below is the Buffalo Express, launched, 30-06-1983. for Vroom. BV."


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  • This is great idea. Loving the old photos. Recently drove by the Station Hotel and noticed it is now just called The Station. Anyone know when it changed?
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    "The old Co-op store, this photo was taken in the 1970's"
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  • Where was this?
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    Mottza the Co-op looking from across the road. The old building destroyed to build the current building
  • Jason, thanks for some great memories for a Saturday morning. 

    I remember these large vessels being built and launched, my parents chanced on the Zebu Express (Vroon B.V) in Fremantle Western Australia, while it was on its Australia – Far East run.

    Sadly the Zebu Express was broken up on Gadani Beach Pakistan 2006 and the Buffalo Express broken up Aliaga Turkey 2010.

    Seeing the Co-op as it was when I worked there is great too, John’s Blog is fascinating good to see some 1970’s photos too with their characteristic colours. 
  • Wow! That old co-op was such a beautiful building. Obviously they needed a bigger one - but what a shame to lose that lovely red brick.
  • This is very scarey I remember this. Later there was a freezer section underneath. You got to it from where the slope is now. I think you had to walk round to the road to get to it.
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    The Zebu Express was used in Australia to export their wild camels to Afganistan,
    The Afgans prefered them to there own wild Camels, so i was told. i will have a look to see if i can find some more 70's pics. for you . John , Wivenhoe memories .
  • I have put some 1950's school photo's on, but i am not telling anyone where i am on any of them ,John Stewart.
  • Do you have a rather fetching fringe on two of them? :-)


    Lovely photos - they all look so carefree.

  • No fringe, but the smallest lad in the back row
  • dazzer, you might have known my Sister she worked in the Co-op in the 60's her name was Carol Stewart.
  • Photoman, yes I do remember Carol from when I worked there it seems like yesterday. Thanks for the camel story. I understand that the Australia to Arabian Gulf run transported sheep too. 
  • @Elmfoot once told me that when the Wivenhoe Arts Club was looking for a new venue, the downstairs freezer room at the old Co-op was explored as a possible location.

    LOVE this story.

    Many thanks to @Photoman for having such an active and fascinating blog. A lot of work is clearly involved. I do put a link in to each photo published here ;)
  • I came across "Forrester" in Stanley harbour 1982. It was a harbour service vessel of about 1000-1500 tons, delivering stores, removing rubbish etc. She'd been built in Wivenhoe at Cook's yard I believe. The Argentinians had renamed her "Las Malvinas", but that was soon switched back
    Must have been an 'interesting' delivery job, all the way from the UK.
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    "Wivenhoe Port in the 1980's." 
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  • "Forrest" was built at James Cook and was launched on 6-09-1967. She was built for the Falkland islands , but later sold to a Chilean owner in 2001.

    Her yard no. was 1349.

    John Stewart Wivenhoe memories.
  •  Wivenhoe History group are holding an open meeting for all
    those interested in ‘The Wivenhoe childhood Memories of John Worsp and Ken
    Green’.  On display will be a model of Wivenhoe as it was in
    1950.  Meet in Scout & Guide Hut at 7.30pm for the talk and then a glass of
    wine & mince pie.  A donation of £3 please. All welcome.
    Please feel free to bring along any interesting Wivenhoe photos you have of the 1940's & 50's. To give us an idea of numbers please reply to me. Thanks. 
  • The meeting of the Wivenhoe History Group will be on the evening of Wednesday, 4th December, 2013.
  • I am trying to trace a theatrical group formed in Wivenhoe, sometime in the early 1900's, they were called the Lilly Whites. I have a picture on the Wivenhoe Heritage Bolgspot, but as yet i cannot put a date to the group.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    John Stewart, Wivenhoe Memories.
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