A Few Reminders

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PM's - please reply to these via the forum Inbox. If you have the notification checkbox ticked, you will receive an email via your registered email address that you have a new PM waiting for you. Some users are replying to the notification email in response to the original message. All that you are doing is sending a reply to the generic forum email address, and not the sender of the original PM.

Users pics - if you registered to use the forum post the 2012 summer outage then you don't have this functionality. This will be resolved when we roll out 2.1 (soon...) If you want a forum pic updated in the meantime, please mail me an image: jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

The Facebook page - this is an auto bot that simply posts up a new thread when one appears here. Some users (and non-users) are replying to the Facebook threads expecting a response. That's fine - others may respond, but you will probably get a better response by replying via the forum itself.


  • Hi Jason
    Getting used to the Forum.  Please come and get the water hyacinth if you would like it.  It's a bit too heavy for me to carry!  I am in Belle Vue Road and am in most afternoons except Tuesdays.

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