July 3rd Wivenhoe Quay by-election

The date for the Wivenhoe Quay ward by-election (left vacant by the death of Steve Ford) has been set for Thursday 3rd July. This is for a seat on Colchester Borough Council and the term will end in 2015.

( In the 2012 borough election for Wivenhoe Quay the result was as follows: Labour 915, Conservative 559, Green 159, Lib Dem 122)



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    Information about the by-election is now up on the Colchester Borough Council website:

    Nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer no later than 4pm on Friday 6th June.

  • We've already had a leaflet from Peter Hill anyone standing as a Labour candidate?
  • It would have to be someone pretty outstanding
  • I believe the Labour candidate is Rosalind Scott. 
  • Thanks Hazel. That's good news
  • Here is Rosalind Scott's biographical details, I am proud to say Rosalind is the Labour Candidate.

    I have lived in Wivenhoe for 21 years, both my children attended Broome Grove Primary and local secondary schools.

    Born in Northumberland, brought up in York and studied at Oxford Brookes, BSc Environmental Biology which informed a lifelong concern for the environment, climate change and sustainability.

    I took my PGCE at Sussex University and taught at Colbaynes before going back to do further research in ecology at Essex University.

    I travelled to Africa to teach science in Zimbabwe and in post-apartheid South Africa after Mandela was freed. I was active in the Women's Action Group in Harare and remain committed to women's emancipation and empowerment to improve the life chances of the whole family.

    When I returned to live in Wivenhoe in 1993 I taught science, biology and environmental science at The Colne School before working in Clacton and Harwich Education Action Zone where I became passionate about inclusion and about schools working in partnership to ensure the best for all students. I have been active in the local NUT and served as a school governor at The Gilberd. Currently I am a governor of a Pupil Referral Unit.

    As Director of the Tilbury and Chadwell Excellence Cluster from 2004-2011, I promoted the Every Child Matters Agenda across 11 schools, improving standards and working closely with families to provide new experiences, to raise aspirations, to improve behaviour and to prevent exclusions.

    I realised that staff and students need to feel they belong. In my spare time I studied organisational analysis to better understand leadership and change. I now work part-time as a school leader developing partnership between the schools of the Comberton Academy Trust and I work voluntarily to develop leadership amongst young people.

    Adults and young people who belong are engaged with society and work for the good of their community, this connectedness is what I hope to encourage and support in Wivenhoe and Colchester. If I am elected I will listen carefully to people's concerns and hopes and work very hard to represent them in bringing about the changes we want to see so that Wivenhoe meets the needs of all its residents.

    I love all things on the sea shore, including the beach, walking and swimming. I am an avid reader, curious observer and follower of current affairs.
  • Maybe we might get some more UKIP posters 
  • Maybe we might get some more UKIP posters 
    As long as we don't comment on them I guess. 8-|

    Personally I feel it unlikely that UKIP could represent Wivenhoe at a local level in any meaningful way - and voting for them as some sort of "protest" would be a shoddy way to treat this by-election, which is only sadly necessary due to the death of someone who put the local community first and party politics second. But as I say this is just a personal feeling. 
  • Well said HazelH.

    My comment, as you've guessed, was tongue in cheek  
  • The question now is who will be standing for the Liberal Democrats?
  • I will be putting out labour leaflets this week and will be out and about to talk with everyone about what is wanted and needed for Wivenhoe.
  • I am pleased to see the conservative candidate for the election on July 3rd is Peter Hill, a man that already has done so much for Wivenhoe in his years on the town council. He has lived in the town for many years and knows so much of the history.
    Peter created the Wivenhoe and District sporting trust and led a team of trustees for ten years, he was project manager for improvements to the Scout and Guide hall, which involved obtaining grants of over £40,000. These are just two of the many projects he has been involved in. Peter was on Wivenhoe Town Council for 25 years and was Town Mayor three times, where he was highly respected by his colleagues. He is a man of integrity, vision and good common sense, he would be an asset to Wivenhoe as a borough councillor. 
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    Given the circumstances of the election, I was a little surprised to see any candidate stepping forward other than a Labour party member.

    Naivety on my behalf, for sure.

    But still.
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    I agree but at least we have a good strong democratic woman coming forward.
  • Looks like it could be a Cons gain 

  • Being dumb when it comes to politics - who votes in this one? Only residens in Wivenhoe quay area? If so how do I know if I fall into this category?
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    Electors within the Wivenhoe Quay Ward will soon receive a poll card with their elector number eg EY1234 printed on it. A flier in support of one candidate has already been delivered and there may be more. Bringing the card to the polling station and presenting it to the clerk speeds up the process amazingly well but if the dog ate it why, it doesn't matter in the least, you tell the person your address and, after a brief shuffle, the vital elector number is retrieved, so it goes.
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    @KatyRR - Wivenhoe Quay ward's northern boundary runs along Broome Grove, and Heath Road, so if you live south of there and you are registered to vote a poll card will be sent to you after the deadline for nominations closes at 4pm on 6th June.

  • Ooh ok so being on valley road we will get I vote, goodo
  • Jason expresses surprise that someone other than a Labour candidate has stepped forward.  This presupposes that Steve was supported because of his party rather than because of his dedication and hard work which made him such a to good representative for Wivenhoe.  Am I alone in voting for persons rather than party in local elections? 
  • I always vote for the person. Thats the trouble with the party politics, the elected candidate is expected to toe the party line. Certainly each ward has its own individual problems and concerns.   
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    What I would like to see in a new ward councillor is someone who: gets to know the electorate very well; listens carefully to what they have to say; and above all represents these views at formal meetings in a fair and objective way without any personal or prejudicial bias.
  • "but I think most voted for him because he was a good person & fantastic at his job."

    Spot on
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  • Steve was a good person and passionate about local Labour politics, I am pleased and proud to be working with the Labour team to continue where he left off. I have lived here in Wivenhoe for 20 years and I want to listen, think creatively and act to represent all residents.
  • It is lovely to hear such positive things about Steve on the door steps of Wivenhoe residents, having to explain the reason for the bi election is not so easy. Steve first got elected with a majority of eleven, the next time by two ! The last time his majority was 700 which demonstrated the good will he had built up. Rosalind will be an excellent Councillor if she is successful, she has strong environmental and ecological understanding that would add so much to our understanding. I am observing how well she connects with young people, hopefully young voters have happy memories of science lessons taught by Rosalind !
  • I feel that, quite rightly, people voted for Steve because of the very genuine and nice person that he was - not because of the particular political party which he represented.
  • I'm probably with you on that Pitfall.  As I've never heard of Rosalind before this (though I note she's started posting on this very Forum), I'm unaware if she has any track record of involvement within the Wivenhoe community. Her resume certainly doesn't make any claims of voluntary action here...
  • Hear here for the vote for the person not the party. Party politics in District/Borough Councils only gets in the way of the individual serving their voters.
    I have only heard of one of the nominees that have surfaced so far and we could do a lot worse than having such a dedicated, experienced local servant looking after our interests in the future. No names, no pack-drill...
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