Town Council Vacancy

"  Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 87(2) of the Local
Government Act 1972 that owing to the resignation of Councillor Brian
Sinclair, a vacancy exists in the office of Town Councillor for the
Wivenhoe Town Council.
An election will be held to fill the vacancy if any ten local government
electors for the said town submit a written request to the Returning
Officer within 14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day, Good Friday and Bank Holidays) from the date below. If
no such request is made by Tuesday, 12 August 2014 the Town Council
will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Any request for an election to be held to fill the vacancy must be in
writing. The address of the Returning Officer is Electoral Services,
Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, Sheepen Road,

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Antoinette Stinson

Wivenhoe Town Council
Council Offices
77 High Street
Essex CO7 9AB 

Tel: 01206 822864



  • Thanks for putting this on the forum, Rosalind. It is sad news that Brian has chosen to resign as a Councillor, but I hope he continues to make what has been a valuable contribution to our community in all sorts of other ways.

    If no election is called (and it does seem rather silly to ask for one so shortly before a full election), could I please ask that you also put on the forum how the co-option system works and how to volunteer when  the time comes. In the past, quite a lot of people have not even been aware that this was happening, which has led to co-options from a far smaller pool of volunteers than perhaps there would have been if it had been better advertised.

    And, by the way, your name and contact details do not yet appear on the WTC website alongside Cyril Liddy's as Wivenhoe Quay ward's Borough Councillors.

  • Time for Ted Jarvis to step forward!
  • The Town councillors all got on the council unelected and some co-opted on, so I can't see why anyone needs to get elected. 
  • So sorry to hear Brian has resigned: I'm sure his expertise will be greatly missed. He's a great local hero of mine, always working away trying to improve things for the rest of us.
  • Just to add that the original post has been edited at the request of WTC. *Some* of the information apparently wasn't meant to be made public.

  • Indeed Puffin,  Brain's expertise will be missed at the Town Council, his resignation is a very sad loss. But, I have no doubt he will continue to be a hero in many other areas of the town and community.
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    Apparently there is no longer an election.

    From the WTC website:

    "Following the resignation of Cllr. Brian Sinclair there will be a casual vacancy on the Town Council which will be filled by co-option process.  A date for the co-option process will be received from Colchester Borough Council during August."
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    I think the information that was not meant to be made public is always most interesting and revealing.
  • Oh bother!  Now I will have to take all that information off the QRRA blog.  Too hot now - will have to do it later.
  • Re Jason's post that there is no longer to be an election, is it 12 August (the deadline for calling an election) yet? Surely this is interfering in the democratic process? The original post, as far as I remember, did rather indicate that the Town Clerk said an election on would be expensive(£2000 as I recall), and I agreed that it would be a bit silly, but surely it's up to us, the voters, as to whether we want to call for an election?

    I would also like to know, given that Councillor Sinclair's resignation letter came before a public meeting, what the grounds for his resignation were. Is it possible for us to know that?

  • Election not needed as by the time it would be held, it would be within 9 months of the full town elections in May 2015  ( along with General and Borough )
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    A message from the Town Clerk:

    "Please remove the post put on the forum about there not being an election, taken from our web-site.  This has now been removed from our web-site"
  • This is very confusing.  Is the information about the casual vacancy correct or not?  I couldn't find anything on the WTC website just now.
  • The post at the top of this thread sets out the correct procedure for the vacancy.
  • Logical, you have not got your facts right, the last election was in 2007, 15 candidates for 11 seats. Four of those councillors elected are still serving on the present council.
  • What happened in 2011?

  • I suspect no more people than 11 put their names forward. When that happens the sitting councillors get reelected without the need of a election. Preferable to have an election of course but the good thing is that it saves spending around £2,000. Thats residents money as it has to come out of the town council budget  !!
  • Doesn't that mean that logical was right?
  • I'm sorry, but there seem to be several rather large elephants in this room at the moment and I'm finding it difficult to ignore them. Let me say straight off that I have no wish to cause the Forum any trouble and I'm happy if the moderators wish to delete my comments. Neither do I wish to cause any of our local Councillors offence, because I know full well that it's a fairly thankless task to try and work for our community in the way that they do, as volunteers who are prepared to stick their heads above the parapet and often get shot down in spite of working as hard as they do for us, for free.

    However, I'm afraid I find our Town Clerk's behaviour totally unacceptable in this instance. It is only thanks to Rosalind that we became aware on the  forum of the vacancy which has arisen on WTC. Quite rightly, we should know that we have the right to call an election for this post (and again I stress that I would regard this as a bit silly if we're having a full election so soon afterwards). There then appears on the WTC website a notice which would seem to be a fait accompli directly contradicting this and indicating that there will be a co-option instead. So our rights are apparently withdrawn before the time limit for calling an election. Was this notice put there without the knowledge of the Town Clerk? In that case, surely, she's not doing her job?

    This morning we find that this notice has now been removed from the WTC site and Jason Is asked by the Town Clerk to remove his reference to it on this Forum. Again, quite rightly, Jason does not do so. No explanation, not even a public apology from the Town Clerk, just an attempt to remove all evidence of an announcement which should never have been made.

  • No greenback. Logical said the town councillors ALL got on the council unelected which is incorrect. It might mean he meant at the last election time (no election then for reason stated above) but that is not what he stated.
  • @alice
    The moderators are happy for posts to continue in a constructive manner criticising any professional behaviour. But nothing personal.
  • Thanks moderators. Me personal? Only in person!
  • @alice No, not personal. Just because you raised the point ;)
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    So @Logical, your original post that stated:

    "The Town councillors all got on the council unelected and some co-opted on" actually correct.

    Cllrs are elected for a set term. Being elected in 2007 doesn't mean that this is carried forward to 2011.
  • Just shows that we should be grateful that people are bothered and interested to( as a post above says ) in stepping up to the challenge. You can never win in politics !. 
  • If anyone wanted to call an election they would have to write to the returning officer and get 9 other signatories, possibly all on the same letter.
    i am seeking more information about the co-option process, but it seems to be an interview of all volunteers by a panel of the current Town Councillors.
  • @Rosalind

    The Governance Toolkit for Parish and Town Councils, published by NALC, pp102-103 gives the procedure for both elections and co-options to Town Councils. I was going to cut and paste it on the Forum, but I think it's a bit long, and for some reason I can't paste a direct link to the document itself (probably because I'm being a bear of very little brain again!) but it's easy to google it.

  • @alice
    Probably just as well it was too long to cut and paste - there's a copyright notice at the end of the foreword!
  • Ahh. Disclaimers. Which kinda brings this thread back to where we started. 
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