Wivenhoe Poetry Prize, 2011
  • The winners have just been announced by the good folk of the Bookshop for the 2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize.

    Congratulations to Martin Malone who landed the first prize with Digitalis. The presentation will take place at the Bookshop on 1st July at 6:30pm.

    More details over here.
  • Well done to Candyce and the other merit winners - some of whom will be reading their at the presentation (sadly Martin and the other prize-winners are probably based too far away to make it - in terms of poetry competitions, Wivenhoe is like Manchester United! :-)).

    I was frankly amazed and gobsmacked to get a merit from the worthy people of poetrywivenhoe... my previous attempts at poetry having been rude limericks about teachers when I was a kid. Thank you chaps.
  • A fine evening at the Bookshop. Poetry's not really my kinda gig, but I have an open mind, aided by glasses of red wine.

    I recorded the entire event... cos I can. Copies have been sent to Radio Wivenhoe.

    LOVED the poem, Hazel ;)

    An interview with Peter Kennedy from poetrywivenhoe.

  • Does anyone know when the Bookshop is publishing the poetry Wivenhoe book of poems this December? I hope to be able to pick up a few before last xmas posting dates.
  • I reckon an e-mail to Chris at PoetryWivenhoe, or an enquiry to the Wivenhoe Bookshop might do the trick..?
  • Thanks - hadn't had a reply from the bookshop - will try & find Chris's email.
  • or try Peter Kennedy...
  • Joan Taylor's in charge of the new collection!  (see "contact" page on www.poetrywivenhoe.org)  But I believe the publication will be pretty soon. I'll try to get further details for the Forum ASAP.
  • Latest word is "we hope by the end of next week" ie in time for Christmas.
  • Fingers crossed it's in time for last posting day!
  • "The week before Christmas" confirmed as the publication date. A lovely skyline design from Helen.

    640 x 446 - 70K
  • May have to post my pressies and then send this for New Year's as the Wiv Book's website says "in the week before". Lovely design!
  • Hazel, why don't you send signed copies of the wonderful Festive Edition of 'Words Down the line', with your Christmas epic 'Last Great Eastern', Jacquie's 'Christmas Gifts', a sly dig at our preference for presentation over content, and the spendidly eccentric Wivenhoe Christmas Dinner menu from 1910?

    You'd save tons of money, given it's free, and even the postage would be much cheaper!!

  • The new collection "poetrywivenhoe 2011" is now definitely on sale at the Wivenhoe Bookshop.  It features all the winning poems from the 2011 Prize, and also a number of poems specially selected for this collection from the large number of entries that were received for the competition .

    The most excellent cover design, by Catherine Dodds, features Helen Lee's painting of Wivenhoe's skyline, as you can see from Jason's earlier posting above.

  • Lovely book. Wrapped up my copy to send special delivery to my dad earlier (along with a copy of Words Down the Line of course). May have to pop in for a few more copies soon. Well done for everyone helping get it published in time for xmas! x
  • News of the official launch of the poetrywivenhoe prize book, via the Bookshop:

    Wivenbooks, the Wivenhoe Bookshop press, have just published an anthology of work in partnership with poetrywivenhoe, featuring a selection of the most outstanding entries and winners from the 2011 Wivenhoe  Poetry Prize. The book will be launched at the bookshop:

    poetrywivenhoe 2011

    Book Launch Evening


    Thursday 2nd February

    Wivenhoe Bookshop, 23 High Street, Wivenhoe

    There'll be some readings from the anthology, and wine and nibbles will be served – all are welcome.

    The Wivenhoe Poetry Prize 2011

    The competition, jointly organised by poetrywivenhoe and the Wivenhoe Bookshop, was judged by award-winning poet Andre Mangeot, and a selection of entries and winning poems was chosen by the book editors (Pam Job, Peter Kennedy, Joan Taylor) for inclusion in the ‘poetrywivenhoe 2011′ anthology.

    The book is beautifully designed by Catherine Dodds, and the jacket features an extraordinary Wivenhoe skyline by artist Helen Lee.

    2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize @wivenhoebooks Part 1 (mp3)

    2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize @wivenhoebooks Part 2 (mp3)

    2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize @wivenhoebooks Part 3 (mp3)

    2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize @wivenhoebooks Part 4 (mp3)

    2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prize @wivenhoebooks Part 5 (mp3)
  • A bump. 'cos this open event takes place at the Bookshop tomorrow.

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