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I have heard back from The Hub youth club. Sanchia and Chris would be delighted for any small contribution that any users might want to make for the forum being passed on to The Hub. My thinking is that if you feel that the forum has been of use to you, please feel free to make a small donation in return.

I can personally cover the £35.99 each year for hosting. If the forum can collectively raise any extra amount to help others in the town then that would be great.

I have started up a separate Paypal account to help organise this. If you want to make any payment then please send it towards a Paypal account with an email address of There is also a handy Paypal button link on the forum Donate page over here.

After the Christmas period I will post up what the total is, and then transfer this money over to The Hub's bank account.

Now that the Paypal account is set up, I see no reason as to not continue with this set up. If you ever want to make a contribution to the forum Paypal account, then please feel free to transfer any money over.

When a significant amount of money is in the account (£50?) then I will post up details on this thread. This can start a conversation as to where the money might be heading.

I personally won't be taking any of this money. I am happy to share the Paypal account activity with anyone who wants to inspect the incomings and outgoings.

By making a contribution to the forum Paypal account you will receive no benefits or priviledges as a forum user. Your details will also remain confidential. I will keep this disclosed, should anyone want to look at the account activity.

Many thanks again to @Moira for initially making the suggestion of a forum donation.


  • Many thanks to @mike_ for setting up a Donate page over here. There's a handy Paypal button to make any donation easier. It was a little fiddly trying to embed this into a forum post, hence the separate page.
  • Delighted that my suggestion has found favour and happy to confirm that the PayPal donation page works painlessly. 
  • Raised £55 for the Youth Hub last night as part of our fundraising Funny Farm, inspired by this forum. Donation will be made directly to Sanchia shortly. 
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