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It is almost that time of year again when I need to renew the hosting package for the forum. The increased traffic over the past year has meant that an upgrade to the current plan is needed.

We actually ran out of space earlier this week. I paid an extra £10 to upgrade the current basic plan to a plus plan, to see us through until the end of the remaining contract.

But it means that a new 12 month contract for a plus plan needs to be taken out if the forum is able to continue to support the current high level of traffic.

The full price with 4UHosting for this is £59.99, including VAT. You can shop around for cheaper options, but 4UHosting have been incredibly robust.

I have previously said that I am personally happy to cover the cost for the forum hosting when it was running off a basic account. I'm not prepared however to pay the full amount personally for the upgrade.

I'm therefore looking to crowd source contributions to meet the £59.99. If you feel that the forum has been of any benefit to you over the past year, a very kind contribution of £5 would be welcome.

There is currently £39.70 in the forum paypal account. This was set up as a means for users to offer a contribution if they have found the forum of use, with the money then being passed on to a local organisation. A donation of £120 was made to the Youth Hub at the start of the year.

I am now proposing to use the current balance of £39.70 to cover my cost of the increased hosting charge, plus hopefully being able to raise an extra £20 or so to meet the full amount. Any extra money left over will stay in the paypal account for future hosting upgrades or renewals.

It is worth noting that the current disc space with the upgrade is around 7 Gigs - the plan has a capacity of 10 Gigs. I expect this to be exceeded before the end of the renewal in 12 months time.

If anyone who made a payment to the forum paypal account in the past seven months objects to this being used to pay for hosting, then please let me know. All payments made up until March went to the Youth Hub.

You can make a payment via the paypal page over here.

I can be contacted via email: jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

Thank you.


  • Done. Worth a fiver of anyone's money for a year of information and or entertainment. 
  • I have done this too.

  • Ditto the above, thanks Jason.
  • Done, thanks Jason.
  • Many thanks all for the kind contributions today. The money in the meter is back up to £98.56. This will cover the £59.99 needed for 12 more months of hosting. I'll keep the remainder back for when we need to buy more disc space.
  • Jason, I suggest you pin this thread so that people who don't check the forum frequently also see it. 
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    Strangely people don't tend to look at pinned threads.

    But the kitty is up to £122.11, which should see us through the next year at least.

    Many thanks for the kind contributions.
  • I managed to give a tenner as Paypal said the first 5 hadn't worked, but it had. Never mind. Worth it.
  • VERY kind, all. Really appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hosting for the next twelve months has now been paid - £59.99. This leaves a very generous £76.01 left in the forum paypal account for possible extra disc space, further annual renewals.

    Many thanks to all those who have kindly helped to cover this cost.
  • Not to mention enough money for some packets of crisps at the Forum Christmas party. 
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