Street Market Stalls at the University

I was at the University today and discovered that on a Thursday there are some street market stalls in Square 3.  Today there was a fruit and vegetable stall and a bread, cakes, samosas and other savouries vendor.  There will be more stalls once term starts.  I bought 3 excellent avocados for £1 so prices are comparable to the street market in Colchester but with less air pollution.  I am not sure whether it operates all day or just in the mornings.  The campus is looking good at the moment so you could combine shopping with a stroll around Wivenhoe Park.


  • During term time the Thursday market is pretty busy with fruit and veg, sausages, bread/cakes, vegan/veggie stuff, wraps, curries, noodles, sweets, flags (!), vinyl, books and sometimes a charity bric-a-brac stall. It's all a bit random but the fruit/veg and bread/cake stalls are always there (and usually outside of term time too), as well as some food stalls. Usually kicks off around 9-10am and winds down around 3pm, although the fruit/veg tends to run out before this. It's a great vibe and worth a visit.

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