Metal detector(ist) needed!

Hi all, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to help with a very small charitable project on behalf of Wivenhoe Preschool (a charitable organisation).
The story is I've sunk a bunch of metal pipes into the lawn outside the Preschool to take fence poles so the kids can play on the grass (kindly allowed by rev Justin) and the staff are unable to locate them now that the grass has started growing. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, and would be a great help.
Please give me a call on 07957141025 if you are able to help, either in person or by loaning a metal detector. 
Many thanks. 
Charley Norbury 


  • All sorted, thanks to Fred! See you Saturday! 
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    You can just buy one cheap metal detector.
    What about these best metal detectors for beginners ?

  • ionew said:
    You can just buy one cheap metal detector.
    What about these  best metal detectors for beginners ?

    Some people are discouraged to get metal detectors because they think that products are expensive. However, the good news is that prices of metal hunting devices have gone down, partly because of the increased competition from manufacturers. The price range of basic metal detectors can range from $50 to $300. Top of the line products, which are used by professionals, can be priced from $300 to $900. Whatever your budget, you can consider the company who made the device, included accessories, and of course the main features.
    Have time to browse and read the best metal detector reviews to learn deep into hunting hobby.
  • Just as long as you don't start digging chunks out of places like Ferry Marsh & the KGV Park, that is...

    I've witnessed such idiots in action.
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