Closure of The Avenue for resurfacing

On Monday there were new yellow boards put up stating that resurfacing of the Avenue was to be done 11-15 Sept with implication that it would be closed. I cannot see these boards now! but have they been taken away officially because its no longer to happen there, or just pushed over flat by Unauthorised Persons??


  • That'll cause a lovely confusion on the buses again
  • Still nothing definite on this, it is shown on the ECC roadworks map now but the whole thing has inconsistencies compared to their normal ways of showing road closures! and it cannot be entirely treated as reliable info. Julie Young is trying to pursue.

    It is NOT for resurfacing, the Avenue is not going to be resurfaced in the current Wiv programme. It is for putting in or altering gas connections to unspecified properties. Time was of course when nobody would have dreamt of shutting a major road for such a piece of work, but now the convenience of the public is the least important thing.......
  • Still no intelligent responses from ECC; the conclusion is that it probably ISN'T going to happen or at least not on the 11th.....................
  • Signs have gone up for road closures at the bottom end of town in the last few days. Alma Street, Bath St, Quay St, East St for tomorrow 20th and Thurs 21st. Nice that they've picked rubbish collection days again! 
  • Does anyone know if there are plans to re-surface Rectory Hill? I'ts in a very bad state and has been for some time.
  • I asked Rosalind and had no answer a while back
  • Please note that the idea that The Avenue was going to be resurfaced now appears to be a myth. There is nothing shown for the Avenue in the ECC resurfacing programme map of Wivenhoe. The closure for 11-15 that didn't happen [ECC typically were unable to tell anyone if it was really going to happen or not!!] was shown on the ECC roadworks map as for gas works. According to the map, it is now supposed to be happening this week, but as single lane working with lights, not a closure. [But it wasn't happening yesterday!!].

    Can't believe a word of anything ECC say!

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