Tai Chi

Does anyone know if there is are local tai chi classes? (Wivenhoe, not Colchester)


  • I have investigated this and there aren't any to my knowledge, although several people would love for there to be a class, if we could find a good teacher. The International Centre in Colchester said that they could not provide one for Wivenhoe, as they already struggled to staff their own classes.

  • I know so many people who would like to do this. What a shame there isn't a local teacher. Thank you for looking.
  • I'll do some further investigation and get back to you: I might have a lead. Meanwhile,  can you find out what days and times would suit you and the other people you know and post it here or message me? There would need to be at least a core of 6-8 committed people to get a class or a workshop  going.
  • Dave Allen used to run classes at the Wivenhoe Business Centre but he relocated to Great Bentley quite some time ago where he is still operating. You should be able to find him on line if Great B is manageable for you.
  • We were attending the class in Great Bentley which Dave closed and there was nothing suitable for beginners then. There are classes in Colchester, but I think the idea is to start something in Wivenhoe, which is much more motivating, especially for people with health or mobility issues, for which Tai Chi can be so helpful.

  • I think Dave may still run classes in Gt. Bentley or thereabouts, but they are classes in Chi Gung, rather than Tai Chi...
  • I sent a PM to express my interest, but am not sure if it was received.
  • Replied! Need at least another 5 definites to entice a tutor.

  • But not received reply.  See thread "not receiving PMs," above.
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