Possible solution to fly's and magotty food bins

Wivenhoe Repair Reuse Recycle CIC's solution to fly's and magots in food waste bin? We are still in the test phase but it looks promising. It's simple, using a (thimble) of non diluted disinfectant smear it on the lid of the small food waste bin. The principle is fly's can detect decay, the full strength disinfectant is pungent enough to mask the decaying food! Watch this space!...


  • We keep the food waste bin - lined with a biodegradable bag  and some newspaper to soak up the lovely juices- under the kitchen sink cupboard and have no flies/maggots in it. As soon as it is full or pungent - whether that's after an hour or two days -  we put it in the compost bin in the garden.
    I use your method, Chris, for the bin where we keep the plastics, which can also be smelly from food waste. I don't know if it repels flies/mice, but at least it smells pleasant-ish.

  • Nice if one is Mr Ratty or one of his his Friends and Relations otherwise.....
  • We wash out our tins and plastics and don't get any problems. For veggy food waste this goes into compost bin. Non veggy food waste goes in caddy liner in small caddy which is then secured in big caddy to prevent anything getting in and kept outside. Seems to work.
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