New menu and refurbishment of the brasserie at Wivenhoe House

We are excited to announce that the brasserie bar and restaurant at Wivenhoe House will be closing for refurbishment at the end of October and will re-open on  Monday 6 November. During this period we will still be open with the restaurant relocating upstairs to the Main House.

It is five years since the brasserie opened and with chef Simon Morris now at the helm we felt it was time to update our appearance and outlook. Our goal was to establish a great place to meet, drink and eat with our new menu bringing a little taste of France to the Essex countryside.

Regular customers will still see firm favourites, such as the burger on the new menu but now with an extended range of proteins, sauces and side dishes. There is now a lunchtime express menu for diners in a hurry and a range of bar food for guests looking for a lighter meal. We are just putting the finishing touches together on this and it will be available to view soon.

Head Chef, Simon Morris said: “Together with the team and our suppliers in the region I have worked to create a typical brasserie menu,  full of flavoursome dishes. I am looking forward to seeing the reaction from our diners. “

The new look is the brainchild of Elmstead Market company Harp’s Interiors. Owner Hayley Roy said: “We work with restaurants all over the country and it’s a pleasure to be working so close to home.”

“As well as listening to the ideas from the hotel management team, students from the Edge Hotel School who work at Wivenhoe House did some fantastic research on what would appeal to customers.  All these ideas have helped contribute to the final look.”

We look forward to seeing you in the brasserie bar and restaurant soon.


  • Let's hope they do not have those ridiculous chairs with a continuous curved back and arms shown in the illustration. If you are shorter than average they prevent you getting near enough to the table. They can also be a problem to push back when you want to get up from the table. Always thought they were a silly sort of chair to have in a restaurant.
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    I suppose that they chose that layout so that the prison guards could keep an eye on what is going on. :D
  • Positive as ever..........
  • Well, it is a tad austere.
  • I agree re those chairs ... Worst Design Ever.
    Really uncomfortable and if you have a jacket, it ends up in a heap on the floor behind you.
    Of course, it may just be that that is the default chair pic in Visio or some such package for designing interiors :)
  • I really like the brasserie at Wiv House - despite the fact that I usually have to eat there around once a month because of University business. I have to agree, however, that it does look somewhat lacking in warmth, and the furniture style is less than appealing for the reasons stated. Hopefully, it is just the software.
  • I really like the Brasserie too, and 8/10 times the food is really good. As it is a training restaurant the service is generally well  above average because the students are being taught to do their job professionally, which is more than can be said of many restaurants. It’s not cheap but you get what you pay for, and it’s very convenient for Wivenhoe. 
  • Yes, always had a good scoff  there,but agree, could be made more comfortable 
  • We've had mixed experiences.  It was great over the first 2-3 (?) years, but the arrival of a new chef, and the 'dumbing down' of the lunch menu, led to food quality which was less than the standard of an average pub meal (though more pricey).  We repeated the experience some months later, then gave up, and haven't been back...
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