Vacancy at the Rebow almshouses

Please note that the trustees of the Rebow almshouses now have another vacancy to fill, our fourth this year. Applications are invited from unmarried ladies or widowers to come and live there. These cottages provide a great place to live for the people who come there, especially for those who enjoy a sense of history. Mary Ann Sanford left a fantastic legacy to the people of Wivenhoe with her foresight in having these properties built in 1873, and today's trustees do a great job in managing them, including all of the maintenance and repairs. Please call me to discuss, or contact Michael Siggs at the address on the poster below. 

Peter Hill, Chairman of the Trustees, Wivenhoe Housing Trust - tel:  01206 823073   email:


  • Better correct Widowers to Widows, Peter, in case some widowed gentleman misunderstands. In your note, I mean, the advert is OK.
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