Car parking

I was appalled today at the unsafe and illegal car parking at Broom grove school.  The safety of the children should be paramount not how close you can get to the school.  Cars block drive ways parked on residents drive ways and worse still on double yellow lines round a corner where the children cross. 


  • I can only agree. I’d also add cars going at 25-30mph past Millfields during busy times to the list. I hope anyone who feels brave enough challenges the arrogant, entitled behaviour of car drivers and that police or traffic wardens will help sometime.
  • I agree. The situation is awful. I live off Chaney Road and unfortunately get home from work just before the children come out. I often struggle to park close to the house, or get onto the drive. The worst offenders though are those that park immediately across from the school but second to those are the people who park right on the bends of side roads, impeding both other drivers vision and entry into the road.
  • I completely agree with the sentiments and points made. It is sad. Those most put in danger are the children.

    I will ask for further parking patrols, but a wider reaching solution is needed by Essex County Council, however, they seem very unwilling to spend the money needed. 

    I live in Broome Grove, as a local councillor and resident I have worked with residents and put forward ideas to ECC. I will ask the Highways Cabinet member if greater safety measures can be investigated at both schools.

    Better parking restrictions and options to provide safe drop offs, as well as a safe crossing needed at both schools. 
  • Might it be an idea to run a survey of those parking outside the school to find out the range they're traveling from? That could give some insight into where best to focus efforts to reduce traffic.
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