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OK - after conversations with a number of users, I have put in place a workaround that excludes posts in the For Sale category appearing in the main forum listings. You can still access this category in the right hand sidebar. Plus this remains an active category in which to post in.

As ever, it's a bit of an experiment. I can understand why some forum users felt that For Sale was drowning out other more 'worthy' forum discussions. I'm personally keen to keep the For Sale category active in some form. I like the idea that members can post up small ads for free.

Relegating the visibility of the ads might make them less effective. It also might lead to a few bargains with not so many people seeing the items on offer.

We'll see...


  • The university system of small-ads allows those interested to subscribe to this particular list and receive emails. Personally I should say that I have no problem with For Sale being part of general discussion though.
  • Us there a way to see /post to the different categories when using the forum from a phone? I only see the categories when logging on from pc which is not often at all so would be handy
  • The mobile version of the forum currently defaults to all forum categories.

    This *may* change when we roll out 2.1.
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    OK - here's a solution. I've now enabled the forum to be viewed via taptalk. This is an app that allows multi-layered mobile browsing of any online forum that has been configured.

    You'll need to install the app first. Here's the iTunes store link. taptalk for Android can be found in Google Play over here.

    Once the app is on your phone or tablet, just do a simple search for Wivenhoe Forum. Depending on your phone or tablet, it may even ask by default if you want to access the forum via taptalk.

    You can then list and view the forum categories independently.

  • I've installed the app but it isn't working for me - it's found the Forum allegedly but only with a few threads from last year. ??
  • Just as a heads up, we're hoping to have a fully mobile-friendly version of the forum site when we make the jump to 2.1 later this year.
  • Fantastic! Downloaded and working well. Moira not sure if this is the answer but there seemed to be two different forums when I searched for it and I selected the first one with the blue and white image rather than the other which was black and white - and seems to be working well

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    Yes. We're aware of the two forums issue. The one you want to select is the one that contains postings.
  • I installed Taptalk but it doesn't work for me. It seem to be aimed more at those who visit multiforums. Also it pushing list of other forums at you which I don't want to see. Because I access the forum by iPad I also now get an annoying pop up suggesting I install Taptalk every time I visit the forum. I've uninstalled it now but still get the pop up. Now I've rejected it I don't want to very pestered by it.
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    Should be resolved now.

    Failing that then disabling third party cookies on your iPad will also do the trick.
  • Thank you! Think I already have third party cookies disabled although on the other hand that's probably on my lap top. Not sure if that's available on the iPad. Had better check. If it's there I will have disabled it.
  • Just a thought on the For Sale section - This goes back many years and is presumably full of long sold items - would it be practical do delete adverts after reasonable time - and perhaps enable sellers to mark sold items so that they can be ignored?
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