The idea of donations has been raised on the forum. If you feel that the forum has been of use to you, please feel free to make a small donation in return.

I [@Jason] can personally cover the £35.99 each year for hosting. If the forum can collectively raise any extra amount to help others in the town then that would be great.

When a significant amount of money is in the account (£50?) then I will post up details on this thread. This can then start a conversation as to where the money might be heading.

I personally won't be taking any of this money. I am happy to share the Paypal account activity with anyone who wants to inspect the incomings and outgoings.

By making a contribution to the forum Paypal account you will receive no benefits or priviledges as a forum user. Your details will also remain confidential. I will keep this disclosed, should anyone want to look at the account activity.

Many thanks again to @Moira for initially making the suggestion of a forum donation.

- @Jason