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Taste of the Lakes in St Mary's Churchyard

If you fancy wandering lonely (but joyful) as in a Wordsworth reverie, get down to the Churchyard in the next few days. The daffodils, planted by the Woodcraft kids and Wild About Wivenhoe, are now in their second spring and a goodly proportion is flowering.

They are under the line of trees parallel to the road. And not just any old daffodils, they are the native wild form (at least native in westerly parts of the UK, including famously the surrounds of Ullswater). Shorter stems, smaller flowers, with petals a delicate lemon colour contrasting with the deeper yellow trumpet: they are a sight to behold, surmounting the carpet of naturally variegated, almost cyclamineous, Lesser Celandine leaves with sunburst starry flowers, and a welcome contrast to the vulgar, tall, vivid, frilly, blowsy daffodil cultivars found elsewhere.

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