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The Dog Stop

Forgot I was a member of this group 😒

Just to let all of you that are not yet aware, we're open for all of your dogs grooming needs. Currently seeing some new pups, starting to come in for their grooming training (check out our fb page for cute pictures and videos) but we're more than happy to see dogs of all ages 😘.

Covid-19 policy is in place, you'll be asked to provide an email address so that the policy can be sent to you, for you to review prior to attending the salon for your appointment.

Payment can be made via bank transfer prior to the groom or via card (cash can be accepted but we are trying to avoid it if we can).

Give us a call, email, text or message if youd like more information or to book your dog in for a spruce up.

07596 121467

[email protected]


  • Lovely groom done on old lady Roma Sam.. Looks lovely and must be so much more comfortable. How proud of her her Mum is!!

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