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Graphics (Adobe) Software Training - Learn Live and Online

Hi all!

I run Red Rocket Studio with my husband Tim. We're based in Wivenhoe where we help businesses get seen and stand out by teaching them how to create professional looking marketing materials. We do this through training in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. We are offering a 10% discount to Wivenhoe residents and to keyworkers during this time.

We are now running all of our courses online through Zoom and have a series of Lockdown Specials - 2-day 'classroom' courses to learn the fundamentals of the software.

If you have any questions you can share your screen with the trainer who will be able to help you.

They run from 10-3 with an hour for lunch.

No previous experience required. You will need the software which we will guide you through getting if you don't have it.

All for only £197 (less discount).

Learn more and see planned dates by clicking here: and click the appropriate link or

contacting me, Ally via the details below:

0800 756 6977 / [email protected]

#industrystandard #photoshop #indesign #adobeillustrator #learnonline #adobesoftwaretraining

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