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Hosting renewal

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We're sticking around - for another year, at least.

Forum hosting just renewed :)


  • Hurrah! And thanks a lot for all the hard work in the Forum's first year, Jason.
  • Has it really been a year! I can only echo Marika's gratitude, Jason. You have really done Wivenhoe a great service.
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    The 1st January seems to ring a bell... first .anniversary for the Wivenhoe Forum... celebrations Jason!!!!
  • Hangovers. In more ways than one... ;)
  • Looking forward to another year Jason, thanks for all that you do.

    The world today seems to be obsessed with 'growth'. On that note I see that at the end of December 2011 there were 404 forum members, and here we are today - even before the end of November - at 776.

    By my reckoning, ignoring a few decimal points, that is a growth of 92%!

    I don't think anything further needs to be said. Well Done.

  • And so it continues.

    Another 50p (ish) has been popped in the modern interweb meter for another year.
  • Second that; great work Jason!
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    Hosting paid up for a further twelve months - £35.99 for transparency with the wonderful 4UH.

    We've got 1,157 users, and an average of around 5,500 page impressions a day.

    Many thanks for continuing to help make all of this possible.
  • And grateful thanks to you Jason. The Wivenhoe Forum is such a useful facility.
  • A bump of an old post. The coins are in the meter for another year.
  • Your Time, Effort and ongoing costs are very much appreciated on starting and keeping this forum going.
    Thank You . 
  • Your efforts are very much appreciated, Jason. Many thanks!
  • Hear hear!

    Thanks very much Jason.
  • Wivenhoe woud be much poorer without the Forum and I suggest that, since collecting money to reimburse you would be messy, you might like to suggest a favourite charity Jason, then all of us who really appreciate what you do could make a contribution in recognition.
  • Good idea Moira.
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    That's a decent idea Moira.

    The cost for hosting is the same as last year - £35.99. This is with 4UHosting, who have been absolutely brilliant to me across various projects in the past year. You may remember that they even increased the forum bandwidth availability at no extra cost. Highly recommended.

    I have always stated that I am perfectly fine in paying for the hosting. It's not a great expense in the grand schema. I remain against the idea of paid for ads. I am happy for local traders to plug away here, despite some recent misunderstandings.

    I occasionally still get offers from 'local' people who want to buy the forum and the entire dataset. That won't happen. Unless a SERIOUS SERIOUS amount of money crosses my palm that will allow an escape from Wivenhoe under cover of the night ;)

    If anyone wants to make a contribution to a charity as a thank you for how others on the forum might have helped them, then this would make me very happy. Wivenhoe Helping Hands immediately springs to mind for me. I'm unsure of the current financial situation of the group. If anyone involved wants to contact me then please send a PM.

    The Youth Hub would be another strong contender.

    I know that the forum isn't perfect. No community - online or offline - is. It's been a bit of a shaky year for the Mods. The forum wouldn't still be online if it wasn't for the support of @Marika, @glyn, @chrisgibson and @keith_73. Plus also @mike_ bailing me out of my tech mistakes.

    But on balance, I think that the £35.99 per year is probably just about worth the 'issues' that some people have with the forum.

    1,476 registered members.

    100,549 page impressions for November.

    Thanks, all.
  • @jason if you find out about Helping Hands I'll enquire about hoe people can (easily & conveniently) donate to The Hub. Then I can do a new post to encourage donations. It will only work if we make it easy I suspect! 
  • Thanks @Moira.

    I have been told that Helping Hands can cover its expenses for now. I've made contact with The Hub folk and will hopefully be able to update soon.

    Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen would be another possible cause.
  • It's nice to be more popular than Potholes! :-)
    Would be happy to make a little donation to the Youth Hub.

    Thank you.

  • Wivenhoe in Bloom give us all pleasure and is reliant on donations to fund all those bulbs etc
  • Jason you have done a great job .  Thanks for plugging the Wivenhoe Heritage blog, i have had over 1/4 million hits so far and quite a few are via the forum.

    Thank you. John,
  • That's great @Photoman. I love the dedication you have in posting up pretty much a new photo each day.

    I always put a link in, hoping that people will click through and explore.

    You posted up a lovely Victorian photo of my house btw ;)
  • The best of season's greetings every one and may 21015 be a healthy and pleasent new year.

    John Wivenhoe Heritage blog.
  • Many thanks from me too John. Hope you have fully recovered. Also thanks to you Jason...for everything! What would we do without The Forum! Seasons Greetings to you both.... A and the 'Forumers'.
  • Well done Jason and thanks.
  • Thank you to the mod team (an update coming soon-ish), and to @mikep who is about to seamlessly roll out Vanilla 2.3. 
  • I've renewed the forum hosting package for another year: £59.99 with 4uhosting, which leaves £31.84 in the paypal account.

    Many thanks to the very kind people who have made a donation to the forum fighting fund.

    Six years.

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    We're eating through some serious bandwidth on the forum. I may have to consider upgrading the hosting package. Which means more money...

    The current package gives us 100 GB bandwidth per month. With three days remaining in June, 82.4 GB has been used. This is compared to 58.6 GB in June 2016.

    Disc usage is also approaching a tipping point. 7.53 GB has currently been used out of of the maximum of 10 GB. Short of throttling the size of files that can be uploaded further, the only option is for an upgrade of the package.

    I'm just flagging this now as I may need to ask for some extra funds in the next few weeks...

    £79.99 would buy 200 GB bandwidth per month, and 20 GB storage.

  • Plus to add: 2,497 registers users, and Gawd knows how many lurkers serving up between 5,000 and 7,000 page impressions per day.

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