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Computer keyboard wanted

edited June 2020 in Wanted in Wivenhoe

Has anyone got a computer keyboard they don't want please, must go into a USB port.

My old laptop's own keyboard had to be disabled & I am trying to retrieve the files & move them to new computer. The spare keyboards we have, all have different connections & the converters we bought from Amazon don't seem to work either.

A longish term loan would be welcome if you want the keyboard back.


  • Have such a one. If you are not already suited you can message me to arrange a pick-up. It looks ok even if keys are a bit on the dull side, Aesus with the desired USB plug, and I don't want it back

  • Had lap top keyboard disabled by an engineer, don't really want to buy a keyboard just for temporary use, as will dispose of lap top once files transferred.

  • had problems my keyboard lots dead keys on laptop - plugged in usb advent keyboard all good again less than a tener from pc world

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